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About the book

Donde Esta Papi is a social justice children’s book about the beauty, strength, and resilience of migrant families. Written from the perspective of an eight-year-old girl, the book tries to make visible the often-neglected impact of immigration enforcement on children. Akemi’s story is the true story of a child in Arizona, who was separated from her father, because of his immigration status. Akemi reminds us that even after a heartbreaking experience we cannot lose faith and that no one can take away our love, our strength, or our fight. Migration is a fundamental human right: let’s fight to keep families together.

Donde Esta Papi: About

"To immigrant families everywhere, may the walls come down."




Dr. Angeles Maldonado is a mother and a human rights scholar-activist in Arizona.  She is the CEO of Ybarra Maldonado Law Group and the founder and executive director of The Border Crit Institute, whose mission is to foreground the voices and experiences of people of color living in the borderlands (through social justice education and pedagogy, borderland research, and the publication of counter-narratives of resistance).  She holds a Ph.D. in Education, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies. Dr. Maldonado’s parents brought her to the United States when she was just eight years old to provide her and her siblings with better educational opportunities. Her experiences as an immigrant child inspired her to become an advocate for social justice and migrant rights.  She dedicates this book to immigrant children and their families who find themselves in a state of liminality and uncertainty. Dr. Maldonado believes strongly that migration is a fundamental human right and all borders must be resisted. She is also part of an international network of children’s rights advocates, whose research focuses on preserving children’s participation rights in research and foregrounding the voices of young children.  Her research documents the perspectives of children in Arizona, and the findings inspired her to write a book that hopes to capture the beauty, strength, and resilience of immigrant children and their families, but most importantly to be a tool for healing, reflection, and praxis.




Edward Dennis lives and breathes art and cycling.  He is a 3rd Generation Mexican-American living in Phoenix, Arizona.  When Edward is not creating art, he is riding a bicycle (either on the road or on a mountain).  The work ethic of his uncle Andy Rios and the teachings of his father motivated him to believe that anything is possible.  From an early age, he was inspired by video game instruction manuals, old comics, and children’s books. Edward is the first in his family to graduate college and is grateful for the many sacrifices that his family and ancestors had to go through for him to achieve this accomplishment.   He understands first hand the discrimination and trouble people of color face day to day growing up in Arizona and hopes that this book enables readers to see the problem of immigration in a new light. Edward graduated with a Bachelors from Arizona State University in Special Education and currently works in inner-city Phoenix as an educator. Although he is a full-time artist, Edward is passionate about continuing to work with children.  He enjoys making learning unique by exposing youth to new perspectives and skillsets. His greatest hope is that Latino children will relate to“Donde Esta Papi?” and his own personal story; to know they are not alone and to feel inspired. “I want to encourage children to believe in themselves, to pursue their passions, and to know that the only thing you need to succeed is dedication and discipline.” Edward has illustrated a series of art projects; including books and video games, more information on his current work can be found

Donde Esta Papi: Team
Donde Esta Papi: Video

Drawing Akemi
By Edward Dennis

In this timelapse video, illustrator Edward Dennis shows us the process of illustrating out main character Akemi.

Donde Esta Papi: Video
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