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Academic Research, Community Advocacy, and Children's Book

Dr. Maldonado's research and writing has been published in books, academic journals, and on-line media.  Her research areas of interest include immigration, race, and resistance.  She has chapters in Educating for Social Justice in Early ChildhoodThe Routledge International Handbook of Young Children's Rights , and the Sage Handbook of Global Childhoods. Her dissertation is titled, "Raids, Race, and Lessons of Fear and Resistance: Narratives and Discourse in the Immigration Movement in Arizona."  She is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Border Crit Institute.  For more information or to buy "started from the border" merch, checkout the Border Crit Institute Store.

In addition to her academic writing, Dr. Maldonado has published articles based on her community activism. In her piece "Community Action and Immigration Justice", Dr. Maldonado reflects on her arrest for blocking an Immigration and Customs Enforcement van that was transporting a mother to be deported.  In her op-ed, "Create a Civilian Board with Investigative Powers to Keep Phoenix Police in Check," Dr. Maldonado wrote about the need for meaningful, community based reform.  Soon after the City of Phoenix created a Civilian Review Board of the police following an intense campaign from organizations and community members. 

Dr. Maldonado's latest work is her children's book titled Donde Esta Papi.  This book combines her academic research and community activism to speak directly to children about one of the most pressing issues facing our world today. After reading Donde Esta Papi parents and children will have a foundation from which to talk about immigration, deportations, and the pain being inflicted by family separations. 


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