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Dr. Maldonado receives award for fastest growing business

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Dr. Maldonado was recently awarded by Arizona State University as one of the fastest growing businesses run by ASU alumni. As CEO of the Ybarra Maldonado Law Group, Dr. Maldonado has overseen the growth of the law firm from a small room with only one attorney to an award winning law firm with 13 employees that serves the Spanish speaking community in the areas of immigration, criminal, and personal injury law.

According to the ASU website, to be considered for the award a business leader must operate their company consistent with the ASU Charter, owned or led by Sun Devil alumni, have generated a minimum of $250,000 in revenue for the last three years. Applicants were selected following a review by a neutral Certified Public Accountant of the last three years of revenue for the companies. The accountants ranked the companies by the compound annual growth rate from the last three years and the Top 100 companies were selected as awardees.

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